Here's a list of the stuff I've made / am still making. Unless I suddenly die sometime in the near future it will definitely grow, so watch this space!

So Long To Everything, I Guess

So Long To Everything, I Guess (2023 - Ongoing)

So Long To Everything, I Guess (SLEIG) is a surreal, sad, and probably funny webcomic. It catalogues the affairs of K, a professional psychic living out of a motorway service station somewhere in the midlands sprawl of England. Her peculiar life begins to unravel following the arrival of an unusual visitor. Her colleagues - who similarly live as hermits on the fringes of reality - provide faceted insights into the deep strangeness of the world that help her to make sense of her impending fate.

But the more she understands, the more alienated she feels, and K must find some way of planting her own feet on solid ground, even as the ground dissolves below her.

You can read it on this site by hitting READ SLEIG on the nav bar up there.


Phonebox (2022)

Phonebox is a one-shot comic about a phonebox and the fathomless indifference of reality.

You can read it as a PDF by clicking here.